Algoma Country’s “Big 3” Fly-in Lakes

Timberwolf Lodge


In Northern Ontario’s Algoma Country, three fly-in lakes stand out from the rest, all of which have been regularly showcased on popular TV fishing shows - Esnagi Lake, Kabinakagami (Kaby) Lake, and Nagagami Lake. In addition to incredible fishing, all three lakes are home to multiple full-service lodges that offer housekeeping (HK) or American-plan (AP) packages, or both.

These are big lakes, but even with multiple camps, it is unusual to come across another boat while fishing. Each offers great multi-species fishing (W, NP, YP, Wh), diverse fishing locations, shore lunch sites, spectacular outdoor scenery and plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing.

As mentioned, these camps are full service facilities with modern accommodations, electricity, running water, indoor washrooms with showers, meal plans, reliable equipment, experienced guides, friendly staffers, personalized service, camp shore lunches, …

Having fished each of Esnagi, Nagagami and Kaby Lakes on several occasions, our fishing experiences were fantastic and the camps welcoming and accommodating in every way.

Esnagi Lake Fly-in Lodges
Kaby Lake Fly-in Lodges
Nagagami Lake Fly-in Lodges
Camp Esnagi - Hawk Jnctn.
Lodge 88 - White River, ON
MarMac Lodge - White River, ON
Northend Outpost - White River, ON

Agich's Kaby Kabins - White River, ON
Kaby Lodge - White River, ON
Pine Portage Lodge - Wawa, ON
Watson's Windy Point Lodge - Wawa, ON
Expeditions North Nagagami Lodge - Hornepayne, ON
Pullen's Nagagami Lodge - Hornepayne, ON
Timberwolf Lodge - Hornepayne, ON
Walton's Kay Vee Lodge - Hornepayne, ON