Amazing Kaby Lake

Nothing short of amazing, with incredible multi-species fishing and four of Algoma Country’s premier fly-in lodges, Kabinakagami Lake (a.k.a. Kaby, Big Kaby) is, in our opinion, one of Northern Ontario’s “top 3” fly-in lakes and almost certainly the most popular among anglers from Canada and across the U.S.A.

Big Kaby is just that - Algoma Country’s largest lake 25 x 13 miles / 30 000+ acres / 126 miles of shoreline / 140+ islands, …) and the headwaters of the legendary Albany River system. For the most part, Kaby is a clear, shallow lake (15-25 ft.) and features innumerable weedbeds and reed banks, distinct bay weedlines, rock outcroppings / shoals, inflowing rivers & creeks, numerous prepared shore lunch sites and many sandy beaches. It’s an angler’s dream !

Though expansive, Kaby fishes small in that no matter where on the lake, a great fishing spot is just minutes away. Kaby is a fantastic multi-species fishing lake with innumerable walleyes, plenty o' pike, abundant jumbo yellow perch and whitefish. More a "numbers” lake than a trophy lake, Kaby still has plenty of big fish.

Having fished Kaby many times, including several times in recent years, its full-service lodges (all AP & HK) come highly recommended and have become a Northern Ontario Fisherman priority destination. The most difficult part of planning a fishing trip to Kaby Lake just might be deciding which lodge to book - but you can’t go wrong !