Back Lakes Bassin’

Most north-country bass lakes differ greatly from those in Southern Ontario in that they are typically deeper and cooler, conditions that favour smallmouth bass. Northern Ontario bass anglers benefit from two more important differences: the bass fisheries in several northern MNR&F zones are open year-round and, secondly, north-country bass lakes receive very little fishing pressure. Resultantly, the smallmouth bass fishing in many regions is world class, both in terms of numbers and size.

Because smallmouth are more structure oriented than cover oriented, locating bass in the north differs somewhat. With limited weed growth, little shoreline cover and fast-breaking shorelines, bass hold on points, mid-lake shoals, and among boulders. One exception – smallmouth will often hold tight to wood, especially sunken timber in shallow, soft-bottom areas.

The Northern Ontario Fisherman has a passion for back lakes fishing, especially for bass. The drive-to camps listed below offer back-lakes bass fishing experiences – many of them guided – primarily for smallmouth bass.


Auld Reekie Lodge
Bay Wolf Camp
Bear Lake Wilderness Camp
Lake Herridge Lodge
Lost Lake Wilderness Lodge
Marten River Lodge
Moose Horn Lodge
Red Pine Wilderness Lodge
Shooting Star Camp
The Outpost Lodge
Waterfalls Lodge
White Pine Lodge