Back Lakes

Fishing camps and lodges throughout Northern Ontario provide consistently spectacular fishing, but can the fishing be even better ? Absolutely ! Remote back lakes that are just a short trek into the bush can yield phenomenal catches, both numbers and, almost predictably, trophy fish. Seldom fished and otherwise inaccessible, such lakes are the stuff of fishing fantasies.   getting there

Part of any back-lake fishing adventure is getting there – hiking the trails, portaging a canoe, or maneuvering an ATV down an old logging road. For the best possible remote lake fishing experience, recruiting a camp guide is highly recommended.  A guide-prepared shore lunch made with your just-caught fish is an essential part of any Northern Ontario fishing experience and not to be missed. And, in all likelihood, there will be opportunities for wildlife viewing – birds, beaver, otter, deer, moose, bear . . .

Many Northeastern Ontario and Algoma Country semi-remote outfitters know full well that back-lake experiences, especially those including shore lunch, enhance any fishing vacation. The Northern Ontario Fisherman has a passion for fishing walk-in / ATV accessible lakes and has put together a partial list of outfitters specializing in back lakes adventures.   back lakes bassin’

Auld Reekie Lodge
Bay Wolf Camp
Elk Lake Wilderness Resort
Lake Herridge Lodge
Lost Lake Wilderness Lodge
Marten River Lodge
Moose Horn Lodge
Red Pine Wilderness Lodge
Shenango Lodge
Shooting Star Camp
White Pine Lodge