Fishing Clear & Cold Water

Few things stir anglers like opening day and the early season bite, whether it’s walleyes, pike, crappies or trout. However, fishing early season in clear and / or cold water requires tactics and tackle different from those used in the summer season. Again, as autumn advances and lake temperatures cool, many of those same springtime approaches are called back into your fishing. Here are a few basics for fishing in the “shoulder” seasons, even through the ice, or whenever the water is very cold or crystal clear.


Clear & Cold Water Tactics

Minimize your presence / noise
Use lighter, lo-vis line
Eliminate terminal tackle
Downsize baits & lures
Use live bait & scent products
Make slower presentations
Cover lots of water / spots
Focus on key structures / cover
approved, fitted PFD
quality rain gear

And, for safety’s sake, please prepare for the conditions often encountered in spring and fall – e.g.   dress for the weather (warm / layered clothing, rain gear, float suit) and wear a PFD when in the boat or on the ice.