Cornish Lake

June 2018

Cornish Lake, 74 miles northwest of the White River Air airbase, is 2 miles long, 3/4 of a mile wide, has a rocky-weedy structure and a depth of 15 ft on average (but down to 40 ft in spots). This small lake provides excellent fishing for walleyes and northern pike.

Ideally suited for 4 to 6 anglers, the 22′ x 22′ log cabin has built-in bunks with foam mattresses, propane lights, wood burning air tight for heat, full-size propane refrigerator, full-size propane cookstove with oven. The cabin is equipped with electric lights powered by a gas generator. All cooking utensils and dishes are supplied.

14 ft Lund aluminum boats with Yamaha-9.9 HP, 4 stroke outboard motors are available for each 2 adult fishermen.

Walleyes in the 1-3 lb. range abound in the lake, and 4-7 lb. fish are commonplace. A large percentage of the walleyes we caught at Cornish Lake were not yellow or gold at all, but distinctly grey / silver (not blue). With hot weather and dead calm conditions, the majority of fish were caught mornings and evenings in 6-9 feet of water, especially in the shallow bays with scattered weeds. With clouds, grey skies and / or some wind, trolling parallel to windblown rocky shores produced larger fish.

While we did not target pike, we caught a number of small to mid-size fish while trolling for walleyes. A large pike also T-boned a walleye I had hooked and didn't let go until I picked him out of the lake. Exciting ! Ideal for those who prefer to troll, the lake features some fast-breaking shorelines sure to hold larger pike throughout the summer.