Fly-in Outposts

Gourlay Lake outpost – White River Air

Spending a few days at a fly-in outpost camp in Northern Ontario with family or friends makes for a great fishing trip. Long drives, delayed flights, bad weather, and a lot of snoring cannot detract from the outpost camp experience.

The challenges of getting there – an overcrowded vehicle, detours & construction delays, flea-bag motels – are all forgotten upon getting airborne in a deHavilland Beaver or Otter. The engine’s loud throaty drone, the crowded, uncomfortable seating, turbulence, and bumpy landings are a small price to pay for time in the Northern Ontario wilderness and great fishing.

Outside, the call of the loon, the hoot of an owl, the crackling of a campfire, and waves lapping the shore punctuate the darkness. Inside, boisterous camaraderie gradually gives way to quiet appreciation, then sound sleep and dreams of catching the big one.

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