10 Great Fishing Trips

… that the Northern Ontario Fisherman would do again !

With so many great fishing camps, lodges, outposts and back lakes to fish, it always seemed unlikely that the Northern Ontario Fisherman would ever fish the same spot twice. But, it’s happened – more than once ! Like most avid anglers, some fishing holes and secret spots continue to call even the most adventurous among us back, again and again. Below is a short list, although not an entirely comprehensive one, of ten of the Northern Ontario Fisherman’s most memorable trips.

10 Great Fishing Trips
W & NP unless otherwise shown

Kesagami Wilderness Lodge   (Cochrane Air)
Makokibatan Lodge   (Wilderness North)
Miminiska Lodge   (Wilderness North)
Pine Portage Lodge   (Watson's Skyways)
Timberwolf Lodge   (Forde Lake Air)

Boleau Lake  (Lake Country Airways) **
Crayon Lake   (Twin Lakes Outfitters)
Napken Lake   (Hearst Air)
Partridge Lake   (Rainbow Airways) **
Rainey Lake   (Cochrane Air)

** LMB