Great River Trips

*   fly-in only

Northern Ontario’s myriad rivers offer more than great canoeing and kayaking. Many – no, most – provide great fishing as well. Many fly-in and semi-remote lodges and outpost camps offer exceptional river fishing for walleyes, smallmouth bass and trout. For the Northern Ontario Fisherman, four, in particular, come to mind – the Sutton, Attawapiskat, Esnagami / Merkley, and Albany Rivers.


Sutton River
It’s unlikely that there is another Northern Ontario river fishing experience that compares to the Hearst Air's Sutton River camping & canoeing trip to the very best brook trout fishing in the province. Fishing from a canoe there is easy - shallow water all the way, no rapids, no portages, easy paddling, designated campsites, and lots of trophy brookies.

Pym Island outpost, Attawapiskat River
Attawapiskat River
The Attawpiskat River, also accessible via Hearst Air, is a much different river and fishery. There, trophy walleyes and massive, torpedo-like northern pike abound. Anglers here live the traditional outpost camp life, and an experienced river guide is part of the package.

Esnagami River
Out of Nakina, Esnagami Wilderness Lodge offers an outpost camp package on the Esnagami River where walleyes, pike and, especially, brook trout abound and make for a memorable Northern Ontario river fishing experience. An optional guide package is available.
Merkley River outpost, Esnagami Wilderness Lodge

Makokibatan Outpost, Wilderness North
Albany River
One of Northern Ontario's most expansive river systems is the historic Albany River. Many lodges and outposts north of Nakina are located on this watershed simply because of the amazing walleye, pike, and trout fishing. A complete list of Nakina-based outfitters operating fly-in lodges and / or outposts on the Albany River system can be found here.

Warning   Fishing any of these rivers may spoil you for any other !