Guidelines for Anglers

Shore lunch – a Northern Ontario fishing tradition

Most anglers are eager to succeed on the water, and an experienced guide can make that happen. However, when inexperience shows itself or when clients choose to take command of the ship, guides have good reason to complain. The guest is NOT always right !

A few complaints about guests that we have heard from guides, regrettably too often, include guests / anglers who:

1. drink more than they fish

2. know-it-all and want to be the guide

3. are reluctant to try different tactics or baits / lures

4. don’t pitch in and help with shore lunch

5. always expect to catch lots of big fish

6. are unprepared for changing weather conditions

7. blame the guide when fishing is slow

8. disregard safety and / or MNR regs

9. handle fish poorly

10. disrespect the environment