Guidelines for Guides

Shore lunch – a Northern Ontario fishing tradition

Most experienced guides are friendly, courteous and helpful, especially when guiding children, women, and novice anglers, but occasionally a guide operates more on his own terms and in his own best interest rather than those of his clients.

A few complaints about guides that we have heard from fellow anglers and / or experienced ourselves, however rarely, include:

1. guides trying to demonstrate they are better anglers than their clients

2. guides sitting too long in an unproductive spot

3. guides wasting time running to distant spots no better than those nearby

4. guides bragging, BS, and “you should’ve been here last week” tales

5. charter skippers who don’t let clients attend their own gear

6. guide complaining about previous clients or lousy tippers

7. guides swearing, smoking, disregarding safety

8. clock watchers and silent types