Kabinakagami (Kaby) Lake

Agich’s Kaby Kabins

In Northern Ontario, expansive fly-in-only lakes often support multiple fishing outposts, or, in the case of a few outstanding large lakes, several widely spaced fishing lodges. One such lake in Algoma Country is Kabinakagami (Kaby) Lake, home to four full-service fly-in lodges. All offer modern, comfortable accommodations, personalized friendly service, electricity, great meals, camp fish fries, experienced guides, reliable equipment, … The most difficult part in planning a trip to Kaby Lake might just be choosing a lodge.

A big lake, Kaby has it all – great structural features, weedy bays, in-flowing creeks, mid-lake shoals, islands, main-lake points, … and great fishing for walleyes, northern pike, yellow perch and whitefish.

Kabinakagami (Kaby) Lake Lodges
fly-in only
Agich's Kaby Kabins   (AP / HK)
Pine Portage Lodge   (AP & HK)
Watson's Windy Point Lodge   (AP & HK))
Kaby Lodge   (AP & HK)
Watson's Windy Point Lodge