Kesagami Wilderness Lodge

July 2018

One of Ontario’s premier fishing destinations, Kesagami Wilderness Lodge has been profiled in many fishing magazines and on just about every fishing TV show. Kesagami Wilderness Lodge has been a Northern Ontario Fisherman destination many times since it’s opening in the early 90’s. Located within remote Kesagami Provincial Park, some 90 miles north of Cochrane, Kesagami has it all – a beautiful, full-service lodge and spectacular fishing, hence, its 5-star rating.

Kesagami is a sprawling lake, yet not more than 12 feet deep anywhere. It has numerous large back bays with extensive cabbage weedbeds and long, tapering, rocky, mid-lake points. The weather can be challenging at times and the lake rough, but the fishing never fails to amaze.

Most noted for its trophy northern pike fishing, with fish in the 50+ inch range, Kesagami pike are aggressive, willing biters. Walleyes are both abundant and bunch up in huge school on points or near shoals, and days with 100+ fish per angler are not uncommon.

With both lodge and cabin accommodations, the best meals in the North, great staff & guides, reliable equipment, fantastic fishing, and memorable shore lunches, Kesagami Wilderness Lodge gets the nod as one of the Province’s premier fly-in fishing lodges. Air service provided by Cochrane Air.
Based on many fishing trips to Kesagami Wilderness Lodge, the Northern Ontario Fisherman has written about those experiences in a series of short articles that are posted on the Kesagami Wilderness Lodge website. Click on the image to read the articles in full.
KWL - 200 walleyes / day
KWL single barbless
KWL Wolves