North of Nakina

Brace Lake Outfitters


With a half-dozen air services flying out of Nakina, it is undoubtedly the busiest jumping off point for fly-in fishing vacations this side of Thunder Bay. The reason ? The wilderness north of Nakina offers plenty of fly-in options and some of the best fishing in Ontario. And, with numerous fly-in outpost camp operators and several full-service fly-in lodges, there’s a fly-in fishing trip up there for everyone.

North of Nakina there are a half-dozen fly-in lodges and, for those who choose not to fly, one drive-to cottage camp & camping. Several offer both housekeeping (HK) and American-plan (AP) packages, and all offer great accommodations, personalized service, reliable equipment and great fishing for walleye and northern pike. Some lakes also provide fishing opportunities for lake trout, brook trout, yellow perch, and whitefish.

There are far too many fly-in outposts north of Nakina to characterize them in any one way. Most are part of the Albany River system, a vast watershed of myriad lakes, backwater streams and the historic river itself – all teeming with fish. River camps are gaining in popularity, many of them offering exciting brook trout fishing in addition to walleye and northern pike. Several Nakina-based lodges operate one or more outpost camps (*).

North of Nakina Lodges

(fly-in unless otherwise shown)

Ara Lake Camp - (HK / MAP) *
Brace Lake Outfitters - (HK / AP) *
Esnagami Wilderness Lodge - (HK / AP) *
Kag Lodge - (HK / AP) *
Makokibatan Lodge - (AP) *
Meta Lake Lodge - (HK / AP) *
O'Sullivan's Rainbow - (HK) - drive-to

North of Nakina Outposts

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