Since 1985, Northern Ontario Fisherman project co-ordinator, Bill Rivers, has actively promoted Northern Ontario fishing, tourism, and the outfitters with whom he has partnered, including:


Fly-in lodgesAir services
& fly-in outposts
Drive-to / boat-in lodgesCottage camps
Agich's Kaby Kabins
Ara Lake Camp
Esnagami Wilderness Lodge
Granitehill Lodge
Kaby Lodge
Kagianagami Lodge
Kesagami Wilderness Lodge
Lodge 88
Makokibatan Lodge
Mar Mac Lodge
Meta Lake Lodge
Miminiska Lodge
Nagagami Lake Lodge
Pine Portage Lodge
Portage Lake Lodge
Smoky Lake Lodge
Timberwolf Lodge
Windy Point Lodge

Air-Dale Flying
Air Ivanhoe
Cochrane Air Service
Day Airways
Forde Lake Air
Hearst Air Service
John Theriault (JT) Air
Lauzon Aviation
Leuenberger Air Services
Long Point Air
Man Air
Nakina Air Service
Rainbow Airways
Stanton Air
Sudbury Aviation
Timberridge Air
Tornado's Air Service
White River Air
Caiger's Fishing Resort
Crooked Lake Wilderness Lodge
Elephant Lake Lodge
Killarney Mountain Lodge
K/O Lodge
Lake Herridge Lodge
Maranatha Marine Houseboating
Obabika Lake Lodge
Totem Point Lodge
Waltonian Inn Resort
Cozy Camp Cottages
Georgian Bay Fishing Camp
Lake Dalrymple Resort
Minnehaha Camp Resort
Moon Basin Marina
Pozniak's Camp
Promised Land Camp
Silver Springs Cottages
Tumblehome Lodge
Woodland Estates