Fly-in Outpost Outfitters

Wanzatika Lake outpost – Hearst Air Service

Spending a few days at a fly-in outpost camp in Northern Ontario with family or friends makes for a great fishing trip. The Northern Ontario Fisherman has enjoyed many fly-in outpost fishing experiences across Northern Ontario, having flown with many of the following air services / outfitters:

Air-Dale - Wawa, ON
Air Ivanhoe - Foleyet, ON
AMS Outposts - Nakina, ON
Boreal Forest Outfitters - Nakina, ON
Brace Lake Outfitters - Nakina, ON
Camp Anjigami - Nakina, ON
Cochrane Air Service - Cochrane, ON
Deep Wilderness Outposts - Jellicoe, ON
Garson's Fly-in Outposts - White River, ON
Georgian Bay Airways - Parry Sound, ON
Glassy Bay Outfitters - Blind River, ON
Gray Wood Outfitters / Eddie North's - Nakina, ON
Hawk Air - Hawk Jnctn., ON
Hearst Air Service - Hearst, ON
Johnson's Outpost Camps - Hornepayne, ON
Lake Country Airways - Orillia, ON
Lakeland Airways - Temagami, ON
Lauzon Aviation - Blind River, ON
Leuenberger Air Services - Nakina, ON
Namegosikaa Outfitters - Nakina, ON
7 Lakes Wilderness Camps - Nakina, ON
Sudbury Aviation - Azilda, ON
Tornado's Canadian Resorts - Port Loring, ON
Twin Lakes Outfitters - Nakina, ON
White River Air - White River, ON
Pym Island outpost, Attawapiskat River - Hearst Air Service