Fly-in Outposts Re-invented

When I began writing for fishing magazines, many of my assignments took me to fly-in outpost camps. Back then, outpost camps were proudly marketed as “rustic”, and many were “spartan”. Nowadays, they’re a lot more comfortable – even modern in some regards.

Over the past decade, outpost camps across Ontario’s North have been transformed in almost every way necessary. Most now feature large stable docks, fish cleaning stations, equipment / fuel sheds, picnic tables, defined fire pits, and outdoor furniture.
Cabins are now more cottage-like, and many include screened porches, fully-equipped kitchens, running water, even a shower. At some, mattresses have replaced foam pads, and beds have replaced 2 x 4 framed bunks. However, propane appliances (stove /oven, lighting, refrigerator, BBQ) are still the norm.