Packing Into Back Lakes

When fishing back lakes, getting there is one thing; lugging your stuff in quite another, especially if the weather is cooler, it’s raining or there is rain in the forecast. A small, good quality backpack is ideal for the chore of carrying smaller items – e.g. camera, snacks, fruit, bagged lunch, beverages, …

The real challenge, however, comes in hauling your tackle, rods & reels, a PFD, rain gear, maybe a landing net. Occasionally, if trekking to seldom used back lakes, it may be necessary to lug a small outboard motor, gasoline, a fuel line, paddle(s), … even the canoe or kayak. Typically the guide will carry the canoe / kayak or motor, guests the rest, and sometimes two trips down the trail or across the portage are necessary.

If warmer clothing or rain gear is needed, it can be a good idea to wear it, rather than pack it. Same with your properly fitted PFD. A shoulder-sling tackle bag frees up one hand for some of the other needed items.

Depending on what’s already at the lake, here’s what you might need to carry in:

fitted PFD
rain gear
jacket & cap
tackle bag
rods & reels (2)
landing net
water / beverage
snacks / fruit
bagged lunch
insect repellent
... and maybe

gasoline/ fuel line
outboard motor
canoe / kayak
fishfinder & accessories