Pine Portage Lodge

July 2018
One of Algoma Country’s premier fly-in fishing camps, Pine Portage Lodge provides memorable remote fishing experiences for its guests. An expansive though relatively shallow lake, Kabinakagami (Kaby) Lake offers outstanding fishing opportunities for walleyes, northern pike and yellow perch. Innumerable rocky points, mid-lake shoals, weedbeds, in-flowing rivers and fast breaking shorelines produce great fishing – both “numbers” and trophy fish.

Kaby Lake northern pike
  Fishing out of Pine Portage Lodge, most guests use traditional approaches for walleyes - live-bait rigs drifted or trolled, jigging with soft plastics, or trolling body baits, spinners & spoons. We fished jigs exclusively during our stay and found no need for live bait. We enjoyed exciting walleye fishing mornings, afternoons (especially) and evenings - in just 5-8 feet of water - despite clear blue skies, a bright sun, temps in the 80’s and a mayfly hatch. Although we didn't target pike, many northerns, including some large fish, were caught wherever we fished walleyes, especially in / near weedbeds and over rocky points and shoals.

In addition to the consistent walleye fishing we enjoyed around rocky shoals, two mid-afternoon forays stood out - a trip into Beaver Lake and a couple hours of non-stop walleye action in No Fish Bay - obviously named by a guide who wanted the spot to himself.

Pine Portage Lodge is an amazing camp, offering great accommodations, fantastic dining and great service. Perhaps the best way to portray our time at Pine Portage Lodge is to look back and remember …

the walleye fishing at Beaver Lake
daily, fresh-baked breads, muffins, pastries & pies
the one that got away, of course
hearty shore lunches prepared by PPL guide Pat
hearty dinners - steaks, ribs, turkey, prime rib, ...
getting disoriented on the big lake
so many eagles overhead
Noah’s big walleye
non-stop walleye action in No Fish Bay
great people, service, equipment, ...

Pine Portage Lodge
A big Kaby Lake walleye.
Shore lunch on Kaby Lake