Shekak Lake outpost – White River Air

To fully enjoy the fly-in outpost camp experience, your group must be properly equipped not only for fishing, but for personal comfort, meals, and safety as well. For safety’s sake, here are some the basic necessities:


first aid kit
fitted PFDs
MNRF approved boat kit
rope & anchor
basic tool kit
LED headlamp / lanterns
air horn
fire starters (matches, sparker)
bear bangers / spray

Technology & Communications

Vacation or not, some folks must stay in touch. For others, it is comforting knowing that it is possible to contact the outside world in the event of an emergency. Today’s technologies make that possible, even from the most remote locations. Other available technologies enable the use of small appliances and electronics – e.g. generators and SAT phone (available as a rentals from some outfitters), smart phones, wifi hotspots, chargers, solar panels, etc.