Camp Rules & MNRF Regs

The fishing in Northern Ontario is world class to be sure, and with the excitement generated by a great trip and maybe a personal best and / or a trophy fish, please don’t forget the Ontario MNRF fishing regulations that are in place to protect that fishery. Additionally, many lodges, camps and outpost outfitters have additional, very specific rules that anglers are expected to respect and follow.

Important considerations, rules and regulations to respect:
  • Have the applicable, current-year Ontario fishing licence(s) with you always.
  • Have a valid Ontario "Pleasure Craft Operator Card" if driving the boat.
  • Have all the required safety equipment in the boat and close at hand.
  • Know which Ontario MNRF fishing "zone" you are fishing.
  • Be familiar with the specific MNRF fishing regulations for that zone.
  • Abide by MNRF fishing regs, especially catch & possession limits and slot sizes.
  • Respect outfitter's rules - e.g. "no fish out", "keep & eat" size limitations.
  • Follow camp rules for boats, cabins, campfires, garbage / recycling, cleanup, ...
2018 Ontario MNRF Fishing Regulations