Shore Lunch Kit

Shore lunch – a Northern Ontario fishing tradition

No Northern Ontario fishing trip would be complete without a traditional shore lunch – preferrably prepared by a guide or the camp cook. However, doing shore lunch is not all that difficult when you are properly outfitted. Below is a basic list of what’s needed to prepare a memorable shore lunch, even on the first try. This list assumes that you can (a) catch fish, (b) clean & prepare fish, (c) start a cookfire (not a bonfire !).

The fire:   axe / hatchet, matches / lighter, fire starter sticks, grill, long-handled X-large fry pan, and oven mitts. Instead, for ease and safety, taking along a propane-fuelled fish cooker or portable 2-burner propane stove is now commonplace.

For the fish & sides:   1-3 litres of cooking oil, flour or fish coating mix, large Zip-Loc plastic bags, can opener, potato peeler, fillet knife.

Miscellany:   tinfoil, paper plates, plastic utensils, paper towels, tongs, kitchen garbage bag(s).

Groceries:   fresh fish, potatoes, onions, pork ’n’ beans, ketchup, maybe vinegar, cookies, beverages.

NO veggies or salads allowed !

Always leave your shore lunch site better than you found it.
Fully extinguish the fire, drown, turn over, and drown (again).