Sunshine Lake

A small lake by outpost standards, Sunshine Lake has walleye and northern pike fishing that compares with that at bigger, better-known lakes. Bowl shaped and shallow, bottoming out at about 22 ft., Sunshine is a soft-bottomed lake for the most part with a few weedy areas. To date, it remains one of the Northern Ontario Fisherman’s favourite small W-NP fly-in lakes / outposts.

While catching walleyes off the dock is possible, the best spots are to the left – looking across the lake. The first stop is at the lake’s only rocky structure – a small point that always holds walleyes. Further along at the extreme end of the lake is a sizeable weedbed – probably the lake’s single-best fishing spot for both walleyes and pike. However, trolling most of the shoreline in 8 to 12 feet of water will regularly yield walleyes.

Though a small lake, Hearst Air's Sunshine Lake still produces trophy pike, generally caught off steep break lines and in weedy areas, especially, in an expansive weedbed opposite the camp.

The comfortable Sunshine Lake outpost camp is just steps from the lake and ideally suited for 2-4 anglers.
The Northern Ontario Fisherman has also enjoyed great fishing at other Hearst Air Service outposts at Hillmer, Wanzatika, McLeister, Martison, and Napken Lakes.