Support & Funding


The Northern Ontario Fisherman is a not-for-profit project showcasing and promoting Northern Ontario's premier fishing experiences and the outfitters that provide them.

The Northern Ontario Fisherman does not solicit outfitter participation. Collaborations come about at the outfitters' invitations.

The Northern Ontario Fisherman does not book trips, negotiate on behalf of anglers or outfitters, nor does it receive any compensation or commission from outfitters for providing trip planning recommendations or referrals.

Neither the Northern Ontario Fisherman website nor Facebook page offer, include or accept any advertisements, but may include website links to tourism organizations and outfitters.

The Northern Ontario Fisherman team is responsible for all travel costs to & from the outfitter camp or airbase, including fuel, tolls, motels, ... as well as gratuities and personal expenses while at camp.

Administration costs are paid by the project co-ordinator.