Timberwolf Lodge

Having fished Nagagami Lake on several occasions and fishing out of Timberwolf Lodge on three occasions, this camp has become a Northern Ontario Fisherman favourite. Timberwolf Lodge (AP) is a small (max. 16 guests), intimate, exceptionally friendly, fly-in fishing camp with great people, personalized service, reliable equipment and fantastic fishing for walleye, northern pike, perch and whitefish.

Walleyes abound throughout the lake - on points, along breaklines, in the weedbeds, at river mouths, on mid-lake shoals and atop deep water humps. Fish are very good average size, and there are plenty of 4-9 lb. walleyes in the swim. Timberwolf Pt., just two minutes from the dock, is as far as one needs go to catch walleyes anytime, but there are many more great spots to explore and fish, including some great river fishing.

“Pike Alley” is all that needs be said about the potential for plenty of action and trophy northerns (38-44”) on Nagagami Lake. However, there are also massive weedbeds near the Foch River and in the big bay at the south end of the lake that will also yield plenty of pike, perch and walleyes. A skinny offshore weedline is another good bet - if you can locate it.
More than most fly-in sites, the Nagagami Lake area offers excellent opportunities for wildlife encounters, including bears, wolves, moose, otter, beaver, eagles, …

Forde Lake Air Service, Hornepayne, does the flying for Timberwolf Lodge.