Tipping the Guide

Shore lunch – a Northern Ontario fishing tradition

Guiding provides personalized service and, as such, the guide merits a tip for facilitating a memorable fishing experience, preparing shore lunch, taking photos, cleaning fish for the freezer, …

The tip should be proportional to the quality of that service. Here are a few guidelines when deciding “how much ?”

  • Follow lodge policies re: tipping
  • The tip should not be contingent on your fishing success, but on the guide’s service.
  • The more anglers in the boat(s) or at shore lunch, the larger the tip.
  • If shore lunch is included, increase the tip significantly.
  • For extra services - e.g. cleaning your fish, taking photos - increase the tip.
  • Guiding beginners and kids warrants a bigger tip.
  • Do not ask the guide “How much ?” or what others have given in the past.
  • Pay in cash, not with tackle, drinks, or discounts on products / services.
  • Tip the guide personally, thanking him for his expertise and personalized service.
  • Share photos of your day with the guide, adding a “thank you” note.