Tomorrow Lake

Tomorrow Lake outpost – Cochrane Air Service

August 2020
The Northern Ontario Fisherman team is just back from a great fly-in outpost trip and eager to share that experience with our FB followers / readers. Tomorrow Lake provided exciting and consistent walleye fishing throughout our stay, and the Cochrane Air camp there, even though basic, was one of the best our team has shared – clean, comfortable, bug & rodent free, appliances in good working order, reliable motors, … and right at the water’s edge.

Tomorrow Lake offers exceptional walleye fishing, and we focused on that exclusively, ignoring the many opportunities to fish for the lake’s trophy pike. Any part of the lake with a hard bottom and 9-18 feet of water held walleyes - lots of ‘em - fish in the 16-22” (1-1/2 to 4 lb.) range abound. A large shelf off the main-lake point features numerous, rounded, snag-free “moguls” that top out at 8-12 feet, all of which hold walleyes. Out from reed banks and shorelines, walleyes used 9-12 feet of water throughout the day. Across from the camp, in slightly deeper water, a large point held consistently larger walleyes.

To search out walleyes, we trolled 1/4-oz. jigs tipped with twistertails and / or minnow-imitating swim baits (in 9-14 f.o.w.), and live bait is simply not needed. When the wind was up, we drifted and twitched those same baits across the moguls with consistent success.

Although we caught some pike, including a 40+” beast and a monster that grabbed a beefy 19” walleye at the boat, we did not target pike at all. In fact, we tried to steer clear of areas, especially distinct weedlines and weedy bays where pike would repeatedly bite off our skimpy jig offerings. Tomorrow Lake undoubtedly has plenty o’ pike and trophy fish. Tu whit, the camp is equipped with “cradles” for gathering in big northerns.

Camp equipment: propane appliances (fridge / freezer, stove / oven, lighting, BBQ, new fish cooker), 14’ aluminum boats w. 6-HP Yamaha motors), 6 bunks, wood stove, excellent cookware, superior windows, outhouse, no running water, ...