Train-in Camps

Lodge Eighty-Eight

Three factors keep some anglers from giving a fly-in fishing trip a try – the cost of flying, insecurities concerning isolation, and the fear of flying. So, how do anglers limited by one, two or all of those considerations get to the best remote Northern Ontario fishing and fishing camps ?

A number of Northern Ontario camps are accessible via rail and, in particular, a handful of great Algoma Country lodges. Out of Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, White River, and Hawk Junction, the Algoma Central Railway (ACR) and Via Rail transport anglers, their gear, canoes / kayaks to pre-determined “mile stops” along their northern routes. Waiting there will be the outfitter with whom anglers have booked a trip. Money saved, no restrictive weight allowances, no flying – just the comfort of the ACR or Via Rail’s Budd Car. All aboard !

Camp Esnagi
Camp Lochalsh
Errington's Wilderness Island
Gogama Lodge
Loch Island Lodge
Lodge 88
MarMac Lodge
Ritchie's End of Trail
Shenango Lodge
Shooting Star Camp
Tatnall Camp