Watson’s Kaby Lodge

Watson’s Kaby Lodge

July 2020
Algoma Country is home to a dozen of Northern Ontario’s premier fly-in fishing lodges, including newly re-discovered Watson’s Kaby Lodge on Kabinakagami (Kaby) Lake, . An expansive though relatively shallow lake, Kaby Lake offers outstanding fishing opportunities for walleyes, northern pike and yellow perch. Innumerable rocky points, mid-lake shoals, weedbeds, in-flowing rivers and fast breaking shorelines produce great fishing – both “numbers” and trophy fish.

Great weather or grey, walleyes were everywhere along weedlines, shorelines, over rocky points & shoals, on island saddles. All that was needed were twister tail jigs or minnow-like swim baits drifted, trolled or snap-jigged at any of a thousand spots. Pike came just as easily at those same spots using those same walleye tactics or more traditional pike offerings - spinnerbaits, spoons, spinners, large twitch baits, …

Fishing out of Kaby Lodge, it wasn’t necessary to venture very far to experience amazing walleye and pike fishing, claim a secluded spot for a traditional shore lunch or chance upon wildlife including moose, eagles, beaver.

Northern Ontario Fisherman, Bill Rivers, with a big Kaby Lake pike caught while fishing with guide Adam Bloor out of Watson's Kaby Lodge.

Watson’s Kaby Lodge is an amazing camp, offering great accommodations, fantastic dining and great service. Perhaps the best way to portray our time at Kaby Lodge is to look back and remember …
an amazing day with guide Adam
shore lunch at Chipmunk Falls
a weedline that yielded 100+ walleye
made-to-order breakfasts
50-100 more walleyes after dinner
an energetic trophy pike caught & released
hearty dinners including prime rib
1st-timer Westley’s excitement & success
moose on the river shoreline
Roxanne’s friendly, personalized service
Watson's Kaby Lodge