French River

Chaudière Lodge

In Northern Ontario fishing conversations, the historic French River merits special mention. Is there another fishery better known, more highly regarded, more steeped in history, with better fishing than the French River ? Don’t think so ! A premier multi-species and trophy fishery, the French River is on many angler bucket lists – and for good reason.

Accordingly, the upper stretch of the French River is home to a number of historic lodges and numerous fishing camps that cater primarily to anglers coming here in hopes of catching a world-class musky, a trophy northern pike, a stringer of walleye and aerial bass. Others come to experience the North, the river, a shore lunch or to simply spend time in the boat with fishing buddies or family.


French River Lodges

Bear's Den Lodge   **
Chaudière Lodge   **
Crane's Lochaven Lodge   **
Lunge Lodge   **
Mashkinonje Lodge
Memquisit Lodge
Totem Point Lodge
Wolseley Lodge

**   drive, park & water taxi to lodge