Watson’s Windy Point Lodge

Watson’s Windy Point Lodge

June 2020
Algoma Country is home to a dozen of Northern Ontario’s premier fly-in fishing lodges, including recently discovered Watson’s Windy Point Lodge on Kabinakagami (Kaby) Lake, . An expansive though relatively shallow lake, Kaby Lake offers outstanding fishing opportunities for walleyes, northern pike and yellow perch. Innumerable rocky points, mid-lake shoals, weedbeds, in-flowing rivers and fast breaking shorelines produce great fishing – both “numbers” and trophy fish.

Nowhere have we had faster walleye fishing than at Kaby Lake. Over the course of 3-1/2 days,fishing out of Windy Point Lodge, we had no less than four short outings where each time we caught 100+ walleyes (without using any live bait).
Specifically, those many walleyes were caught vertically jigging twistertails out from the Oba River, trolling swimbaits & jigs along a 200-yard weedline in Long Bay, and casting minnow-imitating swimbaits into very shallow water on a rocky windblown point in Whitefish Bay. On another occasion, we came up a bit short, catching just 94 walleyes - off the dock - using a variety of tactics.

Admittedly, we seldom target pike simply because plenty of toothy northerns are caught while walleye fishing, including some trophy-class fish. While fishing out from the river, large pike repeatedly grabbed walleyes boatside as we reeled them in.

Kaby Lake has myraid expansive weedbeds, weed / reedlines, rocky shoals and points where pike prowl. Casting spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, spinners and spoons will keep pike anglers busy.

Watson's Windy Point Lodge is a great fishing / hunting camp, offering modern accommodations, hearty & delicious home-cooked meals and great service.

Watson's Windy Point Lodge