Bass Camps

Admittedly, Southern Ontario is blessed with much of the Province’s most productive, most accessible and most-fished bass waters, but Northern Ontario bassin’ is uniquely different, even better in some ways. In particular, trophy smallmouth bass abound, especially since the majority of bass caught are released.

Off-road a bit, at hike-in, boat-in, and fly-in back lakes, the smallmouth bass fishing is oftentimes nothing less than spectacular, with both numbers and trophy fish. In the Near North, some areas and systems offer exciting largemouth bass fishing as well.

Responding to burgeoning bass populations across the North, many outfitters have become bass “specialists”, offering fly-in bass camps, fly-in day trips, and guided days on secluded back lakes that focus specifically on bass.   back lakes bassin’

Few things compare with the serenity, solitude and fishing at a back lake or remote outpost that is yours alone. While by no means a complete list, here are some of Northern Ontario’s bass “specialists” (drive-to access unless otherwise shown) :

Bear Lake Wilderness Camp   (HK)   **
Lake Country Airways   (outposts)   *
Portage Lake Lodge   (HK)   *
Rainbow Airways   (outposts)   *
Smoky Lake Lodge   (AP / HK)   *
Waterfalls Lodge   (AP / HK)

*         fly-in
**       boat-in