Drive-to Lodges

Chaudière Lodge

Three factors keep some anglers from going on a fly-in fishing trip – the cost of flying, insecurities concerning isolation, and the fear of flying. So, how do anglers limited by any of those considerations get to the best remote Northern Ontario fishing and fishing camps ?

In Northern Ontario, there are more than 500 road-accessible camps of various kinds with great fishing at their doorsteps – campgrounds, HK cottage resorts, AP lodges, those with back lakes, … far too many to fairly consider or list here.

Accordingly, to manage the list somewhat, only camps that offer both HK and AP plans are listed here, although many more can provide a great drive-to, yet still remote fishing experience. Because there are so many great Lake Nipissing West Arm / French River lodges, they are included elsewhere in the featured destinations and / or the boat-in camps sections.

Air-Dale Fishing Lodge
Auld Reekie Lodge
Chapleau Lodge
Elk Lake Wilderness Resort
Flame Lake Lodge
Gogama Lodge
Green Wilderness Lodge
Hidden River Lodge
Horwood Lake Lodge
Ivanhoe River Inn
Killarney Mountain Lodge
Lake Obabika Lodge
Lang Lake Resort
Lost Lake Wilderness Lodge
Marten River Lodge
Memquisit Lodge
Red Pine Lodge
Tata-Chika-Pika Lodge
The Outpost Lodge
Totem Point Lodge
Waterfalls Lodge
Wolseley Lodge
Waterfalls Lodge