Esnagi Lake

Northend Outpost @ MarMac Lodge

In Northern Ontario, a single fishing camp is typically the case for remote lakes, but a few of Northern Ontario’s “great lakes” are home several widely spaced full- service lodges. Esnagi Lake is such a place – home to three exceptional full-service (HK / AP), fly-in lodges and a deluxe outpost camp. To get to Esnagi Lake, anglers can fly-in with White River Air or Hawk Air, or take the train from either Sudbury or White River. From the tracks, the camps are accessed by boat.

A large and diverse lake, Esnagi Lake provides great fishing for larger than average walleyes, northern pike, and perch throughout the season. The lake has great structural elements – sharp break lines, rocky points, islands, shoals – and areas with good weed growth.

Esnagi Lake Fishing Camps
fly-in or train & boat-in
Camp Esnagi   (HK / AP)
Lodge 88   (HK / AP)
MarMac Lodge   (HK / AP)
Northend Outpost   (HK)
MarMac Lodge