Fishing With a Guide

Looking back, it’s clear to me that many of my angling “firsts”, some of my most memorable fishing experiences and a few great fish tales all had something in common – they came about when fishing with a guide.

Except where guides are required, much as they are at far-north lodges or on treacherous stretches of rivers, most experienced anglers seldom recruit the services and expertise of a professional guide. Whether it is pride, independence, or simple economics that keeps anglers from drawing on a guide’s experience and familiarity with the lake / river, the fact of the matter is that a professional guide will greatly enhance a day’s fishing – both in terms of catches and the overall quality of the outdoor experience. To lessen the angler’s cost, the guide’s fee can often be shared by 2, 3 even 4 anglers fishing together.   Tipping the guide

Additionally, what is learned from a guide – locations, tactics, baits / lures – can be used later, independent of a guide.

An experienced, professional, personable guide will:
  • keep you safe on the water and in the bush
  • prepare, equip, launch, and operate the boat
  • insure the best fishing experience possible
  • not fish unless invited to do so
  • instruct guests on angling techniques
  • assist with fish handling, photos, equipment issues
  • abide by MNR&F fishing regs and camp policies
  • encourage and demonstrate conservation techniques
  • prepare shore lunch with just-caught fish
  • engage in friendly dialogue throughout the day
  • avoid behaviours that might offend his clients
  • know when (s)he should NOT be fishing


Similarly, guides have reasonable expectations of clients and there are behaviours that might offend a guide.