Northern Ontario’s “Great Lakes”

Yes – Northern Ontario’s “Great Lakes” – and there are many such lakes. From an angler’s perspective, both in terms of size and as fishing destinations, these lakes are nothing less than “great”. Additionally, all of the lakes in this “great lakes” list are home to fishing camps of all descriptions – drive-to, boat-in and fly-in full-service lodges, HK cottage camps, rustic outpost cabins and everything in between … and, of course, all offer great multi-species fishing.


Northern Ontario's "Great Lakes"
Esnagi Lake   (W, NP, WhF, YP)
Kabinakagami (Kaby) Lake   (W, NP, WhF, YP)
Lady Evelyn Lake   (W, NP, SMB)
Lake Nipissing   (W, M, NP, SMB, WhF, YP)
Lake Temagami   (W, NP, WhF, SMB. LT)
Nagagami Lake   (W, NP, WhF, YP)
French River   (W, M, NP, LMB, SMB)

Sportfish Species

W     walleye
NP    northern pike
M      muskellunge
YP     yellow perch
LT      lake trout
WhF   whitefish
SMB   smallmouth bass
LMB   largemouth bass
Ket-Chun-Eny Lodge, Lake Temagami