Tourism Links

The successful planning of every Northern Ontario fishing trip takes advantage of three primary resources:   (1) tourism & outfitter websites,   (2) 1-on-1 conversations with outfitters at sportshows, and  (3) references (provided by the outfitter), reviews from past guests (e.g. Trip Advisor) and recommendations and referrals from trusted others (including word of mouth). Be sure that the materials you use and the reports of others re: outfitter's service, flying schedule, fishing success, camp conditions, equipment reliability, angler expertise, weather, etc. are based on recent trips.

Northern Ontario tourism websites, their print media and personnel can provide important information and answer questions about travel, border issues, outfitters, and more.
In many cases, your initial planning, including speaking with and selecting an outfitter, might begin with a trip to a fishing / sportshow where your chosen outfitter(s) has a booth / display.
And while you're there, pick up a copy of the current Ontario MNRF fishing regulations.