Nagagami Lake

Pullen’s Nagagami Lodge

In Northern Ontario, large lakes often support multiple outpost camps, or in the case of a few outstanding larger lakes, several widely spaced full- service lodges. Nagagami Lake is such a place – home to four exceptional fly-in lodges, all serviced by Forde Lake Air Services, Hornepayne.

Nagagami Lake is an iconic Northern Ontario remote lake. In addition to the lake itself, Nagagami has several in-flowing creeks and rivers (Foch & Obakamiga) and the outflowing Nagagami River – all offering great fishing not only for walleyes and northern pike, but whitefish and yellow perch as well. With varied shorelines, mid-lake structures, distinct weedlines, weedy flats, rocky points and sharp break lines, Nagagami is a joy to fish any number of ways.

More than most fly-in sites, the Nagagami Lake area offers excellent opportunities for wildlife encounters, including bears, wolves, moose, otter, beaver, eagles, …

Nagagami Lake Lodges
fly-in only
Expeditions North Lodge   (HK)
Timberwolf Lodge   (AP)
Nagagami Lodge   (HK)
KayVee Lodge (HK / AP)
Timberwolf Lodge