Ontario MNRF Regs & more

Anglers everywhere must be familiar with and abide by provincial, district, and locally specific regulations. The consequences of not doing so can be devastating to the fishery and invoke serious consequences for those who violate the regulations. Although the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (OMNRF) is the regulatory arm for fishing in Ontario, other government ministries, both federal and provincial have specific jurisdictions and oversights as well. Below are links to key OMNRF websites, provincial documents and public service announcements.

Ontario MNR&F 2021 fishing regulations (.pdf)

Get an OMNRF Outdoors Card   (fishing licence)

Transport Canada "Pleasure Craft Operator Card"

How OMNRF hunting & fishing licence fees are used

Ontario Invading Species Awareness Program

Transport Canada Safe Boating Guide
2021 MNRF Fishing Regulations