Rods & Tackle


Of course, the fishing tackle, rods & reels that one takes is entirely dependant on the fish species being targeted and the techniques used to catch them. However, since Northern Ontario angling is largely focused on walleyes, northern pike, smallmouth bass, perch, whitefish and brook & lake trout, three rods will get the job done most everywhere (flyfishing notwithstanding).

Two spinning rods – a 6’6″ to 7’6″ L to M-L and a slightly heavier M to M-H rod of the same length.

A good 7′ to 7’6″ M to M-H action baitcasting rod for trolling, jigging deeper water or casting larger lures.

Experience suggests that high-performance reels are more important than expensive fishing rods, and smooth drag systems are essential when many fish and large fish are being caught.


Guys toting way too much tackle is commonplace at fishing camps. Almost certainly, a half-dozen or so lures will catch the overwhelming majority of the fish, fewer if using live bait. With apologies to fly fishermen and trout anglers, the most effective (= most popular) lures for north-country gamefish are given below.

jigs & twistertails

worm harnesses
twitch / jerkbaits
bucktail jigs
spinner rigs
Northern Pike

spoons / spinners
spinnerbaits / bucktails
swim jigs
Smallmouth Bass

jigs & twistertails
tube jigs
in-line spinners
drop-shot rigs
topwater plugs
twitch / jerkbaits